Double Shot | Old Soul Co. & Humbuzz

By Grady Fike   |   March 19, 2018

Part I: I discover Old Soul Co.

Growing up in the small town of Grass Valley, which literally closed up at 9PM, I was desperate to move to the “Big City.” Though I never made it to San Francisco, I did find Sacramento and I found a city as awkward and awesome as myself. It was 2005; King’s games were played way out at Arco, Second Saturday’s were all I knew to go out and do, and a new era of local craft coffee shops were emerging.

As a broke student and artist, the alleyways were where I found some of my most memorable treasures. It was in one such alley that I discovered Old Soul Co. They had already been open a full year, though only recently as a retail location where you could walk in and buy coffee and pastries. The cash register was just an unmanned jar full of trust, at $2/item. I loved the coffee, the attitude, the pastries, and the “we don’t really care what you think of us” attitude.

Flash forward a few years and I was working for Old Soul. Delivery driver, cashier, barista, cook, and chalkboard artist, I seemingly held almost every role they could throw at me. As my graphic design career took off, and especially when I took my role at Honey Agency, my three+ years with Old Soul ended. But not for long.

Part II: Old Soul Co. meets Honey

Recently, the owners or Old Soul, Jason and Tim, came to Honey with some new projects that we’re excited to share, including an updated logo identity and soon to launch website. We took them through our signature Hex Method process, where we gather insights about their business, learn their history, question their team, customers, past employees (including me), and ultimately develop an understanding of how and, most importantly, why they work. It was with this information, along with my unique past experience working for them, that we developed the refreshed brand identity.

The original Old Soul logo featured a craftsman holding up the name with wheat and coffee at his feet. The story was rich and felt central to the Old Soul brand, but the mark itself was ready for an evolution. We refreshed the colors and redrew the man facing forward. It allows for readability at much smaller sizes, and gives Old Soul the ability to print the logo in just one color, a much needed request. Take a look below for a sneak peek.

Part III: Honey drinks too much delicious coffee

Recently, I led the second Humbuzz in a series of classes on coffee (someone from Honey teaches the rest of the team something new every month). We blind taste tested four of Old Soul’s coffees, including an Ethiopia Washed “Reko Koba,” a Brazil Fazena Agua Limpia, a Nicaragua Santa Lucila, and the ringer, decaf Ethiopia Sidamo. The decaf had just been recognized as the top decaf for 2017 by Coffee Review and we were challenged with identifying it in the lineup (a difficult challenge as decaf is typically rather bitter, which this Sidamo absolutely wasn’t).

The team’s overall favorite was the Ethiopia “Reko Koba,” for its very playful and fruity notes. I have always been a fan of Ethiopian roasts as most are lightly roasted and can pack tons of fruity flavor. The Brazil took second with much more mellow milk chocolate notes. We were all surprised at how much we enjoyed the decaf Ethiopia (you should try it), and the citrus forward Nicaragua was truly delicious, but maybe a little too acidic for a team already on or around their fourth cup of coffee for the day.

Cheers to our friends Jason and Tim at Old Soul Co., we loved tasting the coffee lineup, but even more so, refreshing such an iconic Sacramento brand. To looking ahead…

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