What it is

Our 6-step process derives its name from the hexagonal structures within a honeycomb. These hexagons are built to be durable with an efficiently large capacity for holding the good stuff, i.e. honey. Like its namesake, the Hex Method TM allows us to build a strong foundation for clients by immersing ourselves within their brand, company culture, and ultimately learning why they are. Understanding this allows us to position the client as a leader in what they do. This process includes research, analytics, strategy, and ideas to pollinate a business’ success.

It is often a step that most clients don’t think they need–believing they already know who they are and what they want. However, with each Hex MethodTM not only do we discover and come to understand the client and their business, we often uncover misaligned goals, products, or budgeting that the client was never aware of (it can be extremely therapeutic).

Let’s Work Together


We gather background information from you and your team that helps us understand your business’s current state of affairs. As a team, we review this data in detail and prepare a second round of more in-depth questions.

Next, we forage for insight…


A fun, facilitated meeting with you and key decision-makers to find the presence, direction and strengths of your brand. Together, we collect important understandings needed to guide the brand to success.

On to our version of the waggle dance…


Now we take our findings back to the Hive and develop a direction for your brand. Diving into the research determines insights that will power our decisions. It is important we’re all flying the same way before we start developing marketing and creative solutions. Hey, the bees do it too.

Time to make that honey…


Now we get to the sweet stuff where our creative and marketing teams bring your brand to life. No matter the project, we are constantly referring back to your Brand Direction deck to ensure our beautiful designs reflect your brand and goals.

Let’s get buzzed…


After we’ve set the foundation, it’s time to start spreading the message to your team and customers. Every job is different, but we always strive to provide the best solutions for our clients.

Keep in touch…


With every project we circle back and include post-project recommendations to cultivate a lasting relationship. We’ve spent so much time living and breathing our clients’ brands, most continue to work with us. As your partner we work to ensure you are supported and your brand continues to blossom.

Have a project? Let’s work together