80 Watt District

Branding + Websites


Nestled between Interstate 80 and the Capitol City Freeway at Watt Avenue, the 80 Watt District is a Property and Business Improvement District (PBID) with the ultimate goal of creating a safe and clean community for it’s residents, workers, visitors and business owners.




The challenge we faced in creating this brand was creating a modern identity that stayed true to the integrity of the area. Our solution was to develop a flexible and energetic identity system using bold shapes, vibrant colors and modern textures inspired by the industrial environment of the district.



A key component to this brand entailed strategically capturing photography, using close-up and landscape compositions, that showcase the area in a positive light. The imagery captures the district’s recent improvements, community, and it’s growth. Bright, sunny photos compliment the energy of the identity. We partnered with local photographer Nicolette Skidmore to bring the 80 Watt District vision to life through imagery.

80 Watt Website