Bureau of Cannabis Control



The cannabis industry’s rapid growth paired with its legalization in California sparked the need for the Bureau of Cannabis Control to make a strong statement with a refreshed brand identity. The challenge was to create a progressive brand that is accessible, yet responsible.


Three lines represent the Bureau’s three pillars – licensing, education, and enforcement – which merge together expressing continued growth and progressiveness. The golden hue nods to the golden hills of California and creates a sense of authority.

The explosive growth of the cannabis industry has been catching our eye for years now. We have been carefully studying the industry, policies, history, regulatory challenges, and what other legalized states were doing. We went to SF Design Week specifically to hear leaders in retail and package design speak on a Cannabis Panel. We met with dispensary owners and workers. We met with government officials, and then we met with California’s cannabis authority, the Bureau of Cannabis Control.

We couldn’t have asked for a better first client in the industry. First off, Lori Ajax, Chief of the Bureau, is incredible. She is bold, progressive and brought expertise that was so helpful to our branding process. As California prepares for legalized cannabis in 2018, we are preparing ourselves to be knowledgeable in all aspects of its marketing and design. The cannabis industry has been following the same steps as the wine industry, an industry we know very well.