California Alliance for Jobs Infographic

Design + Print


A set of infographics were needed to quickly convey the importance of raising the California gas tax, which hadn’t been adjusted in 23 years. Not only would the gas tax fund the maintenance of road infrastructure, but it would also provide new jobs and new access to public transit.



Though we played a small part, we are excited to note that the initiative ultimately passed!


A playful narrative and style set the tone for the infographics which had to speak to an audience that wasn’t necessarily excited about raising taxes. We used bright and limited colors to call attention to important information, while the simple illustration style quickly conveys the story of the deteriorating road conditions in California.

Tour of California

The first graphic illustrates a tour of California through time to show the importance and need for a tax increase to maintain and fix our roads . Following the journey down the graphic, road conditions worsen, billboards communicate important statistics, and the featured Prius takes a serious beating with every bend in the road.

Flashback to 1994

A second graphic playfully reflects the differences between driving in 1994, and driving that same road in 2016. We were able to have fun with comparing 1994 to the present in a way that would relate to the audience, showing the iconic Bay Bridge then and now, cassette tapes vs. digital GPS; an analog gas sign vs. a digital sign, and so on. Statistics sprinkled throughout show how these new factors contribute to our worsening roads, which again emphasizes the importance of the tax increase.