Canon East Sacramento

Branding + Websites


When entrepreneur Clay Nutting and Michelin Star Chef Brad Cecchi approached us to help name, design, and consult on their innovative restaurant concept, we were immediately inspired to work together and bring their vision to life. The name positions the restaurant to be regarded as one of the best in Sacramento, joining many other local favorites in the canon of excellent restaurants.


The primary typeface was inspired by a vintage typographic poster that boasts character from years past. Hand illustrated, vintage-inspired illustrations grace the brand and subtly nod to classic literary works. Lighthearted literary quotes inform the tone of voice of the space – classic, yet playful, with a touch of mystery.

“Canon’s name boldly stakes a claim to greatness; the canon in any field, after all, refers to the works that endure, and those against which future works are measured. With a less talented team at the helm, such a claim could feel arrogant. Instead, Canon feels like an instant classic. I’m already looking forward to going back.”

Kate Washington
Food Critic, Sacramento Bee


The Canon brand couldn’t have come to life without the help of some of Sacramento’s most talented makers. Alvaro Rodriguez from ARB Digital helped us with printing the custom illustrated gold and black wallpaper, Tyson Anthony Roberts painted the floral East Sac mural on the building’s exterior, Jake Castro  laser-engraved and built the leatherbound bar books, Jeremy Stanger painted the bathroom signs, Driftwoods Clothing screen printed the apparel, and Stephanie Russo took some of the gorgeous photos of the space seen above.