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Bold as a whirling ballerina. Timeless as an architectural icon. Daring as a woman learning to fly a plane…


The latest changemaker in Sacramento’s cultural renaissance, CLARA revitalized a historic brick building in the Midtown district to house a handful of arts organizations. Each has its own perspective on art, creating a vibrant collision of new ideas and artwork.


The CLARA brand was inspired by the artists brave enough to mark up a blank canvas or bare their souls on stage. Gutsy brushstrokes honor their courage. Alongside the artists’ ever-changing work, the logo and branding are designed to evolve. Nimble and customizable, the assets can support the umbrella organization or the individual studios.

Lightbulb Moment

After months of deep research, we had our ah-ha moment. The art center’s namesake, E. Claire Raley, got her pilot’s license at 51 and named her plane “the Clarabelle.” By combining Claire and Raley, we came up with a heroic title that perfectly suits the space: CLARA. The name CLARA represents the collaborative space and its mixture of ideas.

This building houses some of Sacramento’s most creative artists. It only came to life because members of our community took a gamble on this beautiful piece of architectural history. We developed a mark that captured their risk-taking spirit.

“Honey Agency has been an exceptional partner both in building the brand of E. Claire Raley Studios for the Performing Arts and sharing its story with the community. They captured the essence of the people and the place that we affectionately now call CLARA.”

Erika Bjork
CLARA Board Member

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