Copper Cane

Branding + Websites

A taste of California wine country
paired with crafted luxuries


Copper Cane is a company that not only knows how to live, but live well.  Located in Napa, California they celebrate high-quality craftsmanship with their curated collection of wines and provisions, such as high-end swimwear and handcrafted cigars.


The inception of Copper Cane was inspired by the goal to bring a little bit of indulgence to everyday life. Our team was tasked to create both a brand and website that reflected the luxury of Copper Cane’s offerings while still staying approachable and true to their wine country roots.

With a house of high-end brands, we were able to push the boundaries creatively to create a brand and website that embodied a rustic sophistication. The design of the website is clean and modern with full-scale photography to showcase the beautifully crafted wines and products, and an ambient loop featuring still frame video and varying kinetic images on the home page. We also set out to create a powerful blog to allow the Copper Cane team to provide behind-the-scenes look at the wine industry and information about the brands.