de Vere’s Irish Pub

Design + Print

An authentic Irish pub experience featuring homemade recipes & ingredients in downtown Sacramento


Our friends at de Vere’s Irish Pub approached us to help them craft and strategize a new menu design to support their refined brand story. Together we found that the current menus didn’t accurately reflect the quality of their elevated, yet approachable authentic Irish fare.


The challenge was to create a beautiful, six page cohesive menu and craft drink book (with over 200 whiskeys!) that would be easy for users to explore. We wanted to embody the de Vere’s family heritage, highlight the craft of their kitchen, and deliver a system that the client could easily update with their evolving, seasonal menu.

One of greatest challenges with the menu design was organizing all of the content in a visually appealing way. Our solution was to break the menu onto four main pages: Beers & Cocktails, Whiskey/Wine/Dessert, Brunch, and Lunch/Dinner. To keep a clean, high end look we designed the menus in black & white, focusing on typography to lead the design, highlight menu offerings, and build appetite appeal.

From our discovery we learned about de Vere’s dedication to providing a genuine pub culture and strategized how to help tell that story. Inspired by our Hex Method findings and the restaurant itself (everything in the pub was shipped across the Atlantic and reassembled here!), we organized sections of each menu page with a vintage style and incorporated etchings to invoke an old world tradition.

Throughout the design process, we also focused on the pub’s patron experience and how the final piece would look on the table. We collaborated with the client and explored various options before selecting the dark wood boards to hold the menus and serve as an ode to the interior design of the pub (especially the bar that was custom built in Ireland).

“Try the Irish brown bread, Granny’s Shepherds Pie, and the Mac & Cheese. You won’t be disappointed.”

Grady Fike
Art Director, Honey Agency