Passmore Ranch

Branding + Packaging

Crafted on the ranch serving chefs the best quality premium fish, caviar, & more


Based in Northern California, Passmore Ranch provides offerings from freshwater fish to top tier caviar to some of the world’s premier chefs. Since their establishment they have become known for unparalleled quality, dedication to providing the best service, and their ranch family culture.


In the branding process we worked to celebrate Passmore Ranch’s evolution and capture elements of the ranch’s story. Throughout the brand we incorporated thoughtful elements such as the ranch’s topographic map and the Passmore family’s Circle 41 cattle brand.




With a mutual love for collaboration, we were excited to work with Passmore Ranch to release their caviar to the public–for the first time ever! Since the caviar vault would only be open for a short period of time, we created limited edition labels that represented the quality of the product yet still felt approachable.

Inspired by the fact that a Passmore Ranch team member personally checks each jar before it’s shipped, we designed the label band to allow space for a signature and date as marks of quality.



“As Passmore Ranch has grown, I knew I needed help. Previously, I’ve always resisted hiring an agency because they’ve wanted to bastardize my ranch’s voice into something they want to say, not what I am saying. When I met Honey, they endeavored to learn and now they speak ‘Passmore Ranch’, while constantly growing and innovating with me. Like Passmore Ranch, a tight organization able to engage in meaningful relationships and service, but capable of national reach. That’s my kind of honey…”

Michael Passmore
Owner, Passmore Ranch