Silk Road Soda

Branding + Packaging

An effervescent experience with a modern twist


When Payam Fardanesh approached Honey Agency about working together on his Silk Road Mediterranean Refreshers, we quickly found that there was a unique story to be told. Using ingredients from Greece, Iran and India, Payam had recreated his Grandmother’s recipe to create an inspired, artisanal beverage that everyone can enjoy.


We immersed ourselves in the Silk Road brand and set out to create bold new labels that would stand out on the shelves and emphasize the exciting flavors within each bottle. We wanted the new labels to celebrate everything there is to love about these refreshers, from Payam’s heritage to his mission to stay true to organic and pure ingredients.




Each of the four bottles, Cucumber with Mint, Pomegranate with Mint, Pear with Mint, and Ginger with Mint, are filled with distinct Mediterranean flavors that can be enjoyed bare. They also play well with your favorite spirit, and we had a little fun testing recipes to prove this theory.


Hot Silk & Sake

We were inspired to create another #OurTypeOfHoney using a stop motion animated gif for the Hot Silk & Sake recipe found here.


  • 4 oz. Silk Road Soda – Pomegranate Mint
  • 1.5 oz. Sake (rice wine)
  • 1 slice muddled or pressed Jalapeño
  • In a Collins Glass on ice
  • Jalapeno garnish

Muddle jalepeño in glass. Top with ice, sake, Silk Road Soda, garnish, and enjoy!