Tre Borden & Co.

Branding + Websites


A brilliant placemaker and Sacramento native, Tre Borden bridges the gap between artists, the public, and civic leadership in a revolutionary way. We were ecstatic to work with Tre for many reasons, however what intrigued us the most was his raw passion for spotlighting social issues through collaborating underutilized spaces with creative artists.  


Tre approaches his projects with confidence and energy. We captured the Tre Borden /Co. essence using an energetic pink and strong, bold typography. The forward slash in his logo signifies connection, and forward momentum + thinking. The website design conveys a modern, animated, and edgy vibe reflecting the personality of Tre Borden himself and his vision for the company.

Tre Borden / Co. creates experiences and works with each client to develop mindful solutions through organizing, planning and managing events. With community-based participation at its center, Tre showcases just how powerful a collective vision can be with a leading edge, innovative and TIGHT approach. Through the re-launch of his website, we wanted to ensure his services were clearly defined through rich photography and unique branding.

“When I started working with Honey Agency I was unsure about the direction of my company and I was intimidated to begin the process of shaping its identity separate from my own. Meghan and her brilliant team not only made this process fun and thought-provoking, but they also offered insights into my business that have proven invaluable. Tre Borden /Co. is in a place I couldn’t have imagined a short while ago, and I would encourage any business looking to take things to the next level to trust Honey Agency’s capable and creative hands.”

– Tre Borden