Party on the bridge

By Honey Agency   |   October 6, 2015


A couple weeks ago we were lucky to attend one of Sacramento’s most unique dining experiences. The Farm-to-Fork Gala Dinner is a celebration and fundraising event that literally bridges the farming lands of Yolo County with Sacramento’s diverse culinary scene.

As America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital, ‘farm-to-fork is more then a catch phrase, it is a movement of civic pride for Sacramento. One of our favorite projects this year, we have all been fully immersed in this brand and are so pumped to see the region we love get recognized for the quality and abundance of its local food supply.

We’re not trying to rub it in (#humblebrag), but the night couldn’t have been more perfect. The food and service were top notch, even with the logistical challenge of an outdoor event (on a bridge at that!). The weather was excellent and the California sunset decided to show off, lighting up the golden bridge in a beautiful pink glow.












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