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Allergic to Bees
Dirty Vodka Martini. Up.
Rebecca Plumb


A lifetime be-her-own-boss-wannabe, Rebecca likes her design eclectic, her language colorful, and operates best when the shit is hitting the fan. She's worked as a designer and creative director on consumer brands for over 15 years and no design detail escapes her attention.

Off-hours she can usually be found rearranging the furniture, daydreaming about her next vacation or over-sharing her daughter on Instagram.

Project Love

Naggiar Vineyards Eyeconic Concerts In The Park
Sarah Barkawi Account Director
Grady Fike Art Director
Maggie Giordanengo Account Manager
Meghan Phillips Owner
Josh Reeder-Esparza Web Developer
Ashley Rodseth Senior Graphic Designer